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Behind the Scenes – Sojourn: Enclave

A cover for Melange Books. For this cover, we wanted to match the style of the previous books, The Wildlands, The Deadlands, and The Beastlands. We considered adding the other companions from this book onto the cover, but the cover looked crowded and lost the consistency of the previous covers, so we chose to stick with the two primary characters. This one used several stock images in order to achieve the effect of the dilapidated, overgrown city. Masking was super-useful for this one, as I removed parts of the skyscrapers to make them look broken, and then cloned in bits of the sky on a separate layer to make it look more natural.

SBibb - Book Cover - Sojourn: Enclave

Back Cover:

SBibb - Back of Book Cover - Sojourn: Enclave
Stock images from Dreamstime:

https://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-long-span-concrete-beam-image11695956 – concrete wall
https://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photo-asleep-image21589475 – vine overgrowth
https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-atlanta-downtown-skyline-scenes-january-cloudy-day-image66709798 – cityscape
https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-beautiful-inspirational-sun-beams-over-ocean-image30676892 – sky

Deposit Photo Stock
http://depositphotos.com/106813230/stock-photo-cheering-successful-woman.html – cliff/grass
http://depositphotos.com/116621478/stock-photo-tourists-walking-in-the-mountains.html – male hiker
http://depositphotos.com/75580811/stock-photo-friends-group-playing-guitar-in.html – male head
http://depositphotos.com/27318771/stock-photo-little-child-carrying-a-suitcase.html – girl hat
http://depositphotos.com/106813710/stock-photo-woman-over-mountain-view.html – girl head
http://depositphotos.com/116999012/stock-photo-young-woman-backpacker-hiking.html – girl body

Destruction in Background:



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Behind the Scenes – Shadows of the Night

A cover for Melange Books. For this cover, we tinkered with a few ideas before finally settling on the current design. While I initially searched out models on Dreamstime, the publisher suggested that Romance Novel Covers might have the particular type of character we were looking for.  I went through the site, selected a few I thought fit the art form’s description of the character best, and tested them in the proof until we decided this one worked best. I gave the city a night glow, and this is the result:

SBibb - Shadows of the Night  - Book Cover

And the back cover option, including the text provided for the spine and the ISBN/publisher information:

SBibb - Shadows of the Night  - Book Cover
Stock images from Dreamstime:


Model image from : http://www.romancenovelcovers.com

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Cover Reveal: Spirits of the Pirate House

This is another cover for Melange Books.

SBibb - Spirits of the Pirate House

Stock Used:


Putting this cover together was a doozy. While many of my previous covers have been 2-4 stock images, plus textures, this is an example of using digital manipulation to create an entirely different character. Take a look at the different stock images used, then look at the final product. The palm tree was shorter, the pirate consists of several different stock images, a bit of photoshop to make him look angrier, plus doing the color changes and removing the trinkets in the hair. Plus changing lighting. So if you like seeing how you can piece-part an image together, this is the one to look at.

Overall, though difficult to make sure everything was placed as desired, this was a nice review to photomanipulation for creating a new image. 🙂


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Business Ventures – Cafepress

This semester I’m enrolled in both Business Management for Photography and Digital Portfolio, which is essentially a web design class. The important part is that I’m in the process of forming a business plan (both for illustration and for portrait), and I’m developing a website that will eventually be the hub of this process.

However, I’m also looking into other marketing strategies. I plan to use this wordpress blog to reveal behind the scenes info, I intend to make a business page on facebook to do both promotions and sneak peaks of upcoming illustrations, and I intend to continue using Flickr to showcase a large variety of photography, since my main website will act as a portfolio.

One thing in this process I’ve started is to create a Cafepress shop to sell my personal illustrations as posters, t-shirts, journals, tote bags, and other miscellaneous items. Problem is, I’ve got to figure out how to market it. I’ve considered using Google’s Adwords, but I’m not quite sure that’s the method I want to use. For now, have a look:


The color themes temporarily match the upcoming website theme, and hopefully I’ve got it nicely categorized for customers to search through. In the meantime, I’m trying out Google’s Analytics tool to see if I can see any trends in traffic.

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Using DeviantArt

I’ve finally started using DeviantArt again to promote my work. Though I figure it will take a while to actually acrue any sort of large following to successfully sell prints, I think it could prove useful for gaining comments on photos I have taken as well as my manipulations, along with serving as fresh inspirations for new photos. Below is a link to my account, along with a screengrab.


DeviantArt Screengrab - SBibb


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Creative Photography Assignment 3 – Animal People

For our third assignment in Creative Photography, I decided to keep with digital editing, only this time go with heavy manipulation. Anthropomorphic animals have always seemed neat to me, so I decided to try crossing pictures of people with pictures of animals (Most of the animal pictures were pictures I took at various zoos last year, with the exception of the seagull wings and squirrel). I also played a lot with the Highpass and Shadow/Highlights filter, along with texture and blending mode filters.

Flickr Slideshow: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sbibb/sets/72157623451511227/show/

Stephanie Bibb Creative Photography - Animal People

Stephanie Bibb Creative Photography - Animal People

Stephanie Bibb Creative Photography - Animal People

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Creative Photography – Assignment 2 – Panoramas

In the Creative Photography class we had a class period to shoot panoramas – at which point I decided to use panoramas for my next assignment- with a twist: They would be digitally manipulated. I combined multiple photos in some cases, did a bunch of retouching with others, and played with filters and highpass and digital painting in yet others. It was a fun assignment, and these are the results:

Flickr Slideshow: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sbibb/sets/72157623329694599/show/

Stephanie Bibb Digital Panorama UCM Campus

Stephanie Bibb Digital Panorama UCM Campus

Stephanie Bibb Digital Panorama UCM Campus

Stephanie Bibb Digital Panorama UCM Campus

Stephanie Bibb Digital Panorama UCM Campus

Stephanie Bibb Digital Panorama UCM Campus

Stephanie Bibb Digital Panorama UCM Campus

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