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Infinitas Publishing – Status Report

It’s time for another monthly Infinitas Publishing status report!

* * *

The Glitch Saga Print Editions

Glitch: The paperback editions of the Glitch series is here! Whispers in the Code, Ghost of a Memory, and Spirits of a Glitch are all available as both ebooks and as paperbacks.

Not only that, but Isaac and I have released the complete ebook box set with all three books in one. Right now The Glitch Saga: The Complete Collection is available on Amazon and Smashwords, but should be available at other online retailers soon.

Fractured Skies: (Book 2 of the Distant Horizon series). Currently out to beta-readers. I’m hoping to have feedback by mid July.

Distant Horizon - Paperback Edition

Distant Horizon: The updated paperback edition is now available!

Lily’s Story: (Distant Horizon series spin-off novel) I started writing the rough draft yesterday. Goal is to complete the rough draft by the end of July as a part of Camp NaNoWriMo.

The Multiverse Chronicles: On hold. Created a book cover proof for a possible cover to use once this is complete.

Little One: On hold, but I have Isaac’s notes. Next step is revisions.

Magebane: (Book Three of The Wishing Blade series) Now that Fractured Skies is out to beta-readers, this is my next big project for revisions. Hoping to have those completed and have it back out to beta-readers by the end of the month.

Wind and Words - Paperback EditionWind and Words: (Book 2 of Stone and String). The paperback editions for both Wind and Words and Stone and String are now available!

Stone and String 3 (and assorted Wishing Blade short stories): Still plotting these, though I’m hoping to work on creating a rough draft once Magebane is out to beta-readers.

Cyberpunk / Dystopian Snow White Story: On hold.

Game Design: On hold.

Marketing: Mostly working on our newsletters. I’ve also been doing a “Weekly Book Promotion” highlight on my blog featuring various ebook giveaways.

SBibb’s Photographic Illustration: Finished one book cover and made progress on another formatting/cover art project.

LitRPG / GameLit Story: Rough draft complete at 75,000 words! Still need to make some tweaks to the beginning setup and part of the game system, but the main thing now is to complete revisions and send it out to beta-readers. That, and figure out a tagline.

* * *

One last thing before I conclude this post. Is there anything you would like to see more of on this blog? If so, let me know in the comments below. 🙂

* * *

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂


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Infinitas Publishing – Status Report

Yipes… is it really that time again? Well then, I guess it’s time for the monthly Infinitas Publishing status report! An unexpected event at the beginning of the month (May) shifted some of our original plans off schedule, but now we’re mostly back on track.

* * *

Glitch: The proof copies of the Glitch saga print editions are on order. Finally got the formatting done. All that’s left is to receive the copies, check for any issues and make sure the covers look correct, and then approve them for sale.

Once that’s complete, I intend to create an ebook “box” set with the complete mini-series.

Fractured Skies: (Book 2 of the Distant Horizon series). I’m about halfway through the current round of revisions on Fractured Skies. Removed one of the subplots and I’m primarily trying to tighten it up before sending it out to the next round of beta-readers.

The ebook cover is officially complete.

Distant Horizon: Waiting for the proof copy to arrive of the updated print edition.

Lily’s Story: (Distant Horizon series spin-off novel) Isaac and I figured out a rough outline. Still need to make a formal outline, but the majority of the ideas are now in place. Next step is to tighten up the outline and write the rough draft. I’m thinking this might be a July project, but we’ll see.

The Multiverse Chronicles: On hold. That being said, I did manage to finish editing another episode. Still a few episodes remain to be edited before this project is ready to come back to the front of the projects list.

Little One: Isaac has read through my current draft of Little One and given me notes. It’ll be a little bit before I start revisions (I need to finish editing Fractured Skies and Magebane first) but now that I have notes, I can move this up on my to-do list.

Magebane: (Book Three of The Wishing Blade series) Once I’ve finished revisions for Fractured Skies, this is next on my list. After I finish those revisions, it will need to go out to another round of beta-readers. It’s also clear that Magebane relies heavily on the first two books, and will not read as a stand-alone.

Wind and Words: (Book 2 of Stone and String). Complete! The ebook edition of Wind and Words is now available, and I’m currently waiting for the proof copy of the print edition to arrive. I intend to make both the print edition for Wind and Words and “Stone and String” available on Amazon (as well as in person, when possible).

Stone and String 3 (and assorted Wishing Blade short stories): Currently plotting this and two short stories (or novellas… we’ll see) prior to this one. Working on creating the immortals’ fictional language so I can create the Ancient Cirenan language (more on that in this blog post), which should have at least a small feature in these stories.

Plus, I have an idea for a short story set in the snowy region of Reveratch, north of Cirena. Not sure when these will get written, but I’m in the pre-writing stages of development.

Cyberpunk / Dystopian Snow White Story: On hold.

Game Design: On hold… though Isaac and I have been fun playing an “epic” version of our Legends of Cirena mini role-play game. All tiles, all expansions, all bosses, and a few story-line style quests. It’ll be a while before this is complete enough to release to the public, but hey, we’ve been having fun with its potential.

Marketing: Got to participate in a Facebook launch party for Michael W. Huard’s Sisters of the Dawn’s Early Light with several other authors. That was fun. Did a couple giveaways there. Also, I’ve been including a lot of behind-the-scenes details in my newsletters, so if you want to stay up-to-date, don’t forget to sign up for them (details on the sidebar).

SBibb’s Photographic Illustration: Now that formatting the books for Infinitas Publishing is complete, I have a formatting project I’m currently working on, plus a couple book covers slated to complete in the next month for other authors.

LitRPG / GameLit Story: While I had hoped to get the rough draft completed, that didn’t happen. However, I’ve been working through a round of revisions on the second portion of the story, and I have an idea for how to complete the climax and resolution (which wasn’t what I originally thought it was). Also, I have a cover completed and a blurb, which is a plus. Also, I have the title. Just need to finish the actual story so I can send it out to beta-readers and figure out a catchy tagline.

* * *

I kind of feel like I might be missing something, but that’s all I can think of for now. I hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂

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Infinitas Publishing – Status Report

And it’s been another month! Busy… (especially with a seemingly random case of an allergic reaction at the beginning of the month — nothing too major, but still not sure what caused it), but progress has been made!

Meanwhile, the snow is almost gone, despite the piles of snow here and there. I’m sad to see it go, but having warm weather is nice. Back to walking without heavy winter coats!

* * *

Glitch: I had intended to get the print versions formatted by the end of the month, but that didn’t quite happen. The interior formatting for Whispers in the Code is just about complete (I’m working on finalizing it), and once that’s done, formatting Ghost of a Memory and Spirits of a Glitch should be a bit simpler since most of the major pieces have been put in place. Once the interior formats are complete, I’ll need to create the print-edition covers. With luck, I’ll have the print versions approved by the end of May.

After that, my next step will be putting together an ebook “box set” with all three books for those who prefer to have the complete series in one ebook file.

Fractured Skies: (Book 2 of the Distant Horizon series). I should be getting feedback from my beta-reader soon, and then I’ll start on the next round of revisions. After that, Isaac and I will assess whether we’re ready to move on to finalizing the book or whether it needs to go out to another set of beta-readers.

In other news, I’ve pretty much finalized the ebook cover, so I’ll be revealing that soon. 🙂

Distant Horizon: The updated print edition is almost complete. There’s still a couple tweaks to be made to the interior file, and I’ll need to finish the print edition of the cover, but it’s almost ready for ordering a proof copy.

The Multiverse Chronicles: On hold, though I’ve got a few ideas for how we may want to proceed with this once we finish edits to the remaining episodes.

Little One: On hold.

Book Three of The Wishing Blade series: I have a title! Presenting: Magebane.

Isaac is the one who came up with the title, and given the large role that charlago/magebane plays in the book, I think it’s fitting.

This project took up most of my month with revisions, re-reading the first two books to find missing plot points, and then doing another round of revisions to fix revision smudge. Anyway, I sent it out to beta-readers a few days ago.

The other good news is that I’m starting to get an idea of how to tie everything together in the next book.

Wind and Words: (Book 2 of Stone and String). Waiting for Isaac to look over this now that his school year is wrapping up. Hopefully I’ll have more news on this soon. Also, I’ve started plotting the third book in this series, though I haven’t outlined it yet.

Cyberpunk / Dystopian Snow White Story: Kinda-sorta on hold? I haven’t touched the related short story yet, and I’m wanting to move on to revising this, but I also have Fractured Skies in queue… so it depends on how smoothly revising that one goes as to how soon I get back to this.

Marketing: Continuing with the newsletters (if you want more frequent updates, behind-the-scenes info, and sneak peeks about our worlds, check out the sidebar). I’m hoping to get involved with fairs/craft shows again this year, but we’ll see how timing/money pans out.

SBibb’s Photographic Illustration: Finished one book cover, have another book cover coming up, and have a formatting job to complete.

LitRPG / GameLit Story: Didn’t make quite as much progress with this as I’d hoped (I’d wanted to finish the rough draft this month, but Magebane took more time to revise than I expected). Anyway, it’s now sitting at 64,000 words, and I think I finally figured out how to end it for a satisfying conclusion, at least for the first book.

* * *

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂

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Thoughts on Writing – Series Titles

Now that Battle Decks: Trials of Blood and Steel has been published (Woot!), I’m starting to look at what’s next. Isaac is already working on expansion card ideas, and he will soon be creating the rules document for his upcoming Phalanx game. I’m going to be working on writing the rest of The Shadow War, and I also need to start formatting the book we co-wrote, Distant Horizon, since that’s otherwise ready to go (minus proofreading, which I plan to do after the basic formatting is in place).

However, there are still a few things that remain to be worked out.

For one, the series title.

There’s a lot of ways you can go with a series title. You can name it after the first book (The Hunger Games, Hunger Games Trilogy, Book 1). You can give it some kind of cycle/chronicles/saga title (Twilight, The Twilight Saga, Book #1 // Eragon, The Inheritance Cycle, Book 1 // The Horse and His Boy, Chronicles of Narnia, Book 3). You can name it after the main character (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter #1). You can name it after a group in the series (Steelheart, The Reckoners, Book 1 // Among the Hidden, The Shadow Children, Book 1).

There are all sorts of options.

Needless to say, I’ve been trying to brainstorm ideas for what Isaac and I might call the Distant Horizon series.

The simplest option, of course, would be to call it that. The Distant Horizon series. The concept spans all five planned books, and to some extent covers the stand-alone books involved in the story’s cycle.

Before I go too much further, let’s take a quick look at what Isaac and I have planned.

Distant Horizon – Effectively the first book. Follows the main character, Jenna Nickleson.

Glitch – Stand-alone novel that overlaps the time between book 1 and 2. Follows Tim Zaytsev.

Fractured Skies – The second book that follows Jenna Nickleson.

The Little One – Ties into final planned book of the series, but this is very much a stand-alone novel. This is really more of a prequel, and follows the characters of Little One and Knight, several decades before the events of Distant Horizon. Written 3rd person, multiple points of view, whereas the others are in 1st person with a single narrator.

Changing Tides (?) – The title may go to the 3rd or 4th book, we aren’t sure yet). The third book that follows Jenna.

Coalition Sign – Another prequel, entirely stand-alone, which details the origins of the team Jenna joins with. Takes place a few years after The Little One.

Distant Horizon Book 4” – Currently untitled. 4th Book following Jenna. Ties up main story arc, but opens a new direction.

Distant Horizon Book 5” – Currently untitled. Not sure about the details of this one, though Isaac and I have discussed bits and pieces of the story arc. Not sure yet whether this will be styled more like The Little One or the rest of the Distant Horizon series, and it might not even be included in the technical “series.” However, it does conclude the cycle which starts in The Little One.

As you can see, we’ve got a few options. Within this, I’ve been referring to this cluster as the Distant Horizon series. That covers all the books that pertain to that story arc, even if they aren’t directly in that time frame.

Alternatively, I’ve thought of calling it The Distant Horizon Cycle (which, if I remember right, I don’t think Isaac was fond of), which would reference the cyclical nature of the full story.

Personally, I don’t want to call it The Distant Horizon Saga, because that reminds me too much of The Twilight Saga (Nothing against the books, just not my cup of tea). Plus, I’m not sure it really follows the definition of a saga. (Or, well, after reading that definition, minus the Norse bit, maybe it does. Might have to give this title a second consideration).

We could call it The Jenna Nickleson Chronicles, but not only do I trip up on Jenna’s name as a series title (though I had thought of calling the first book The Mysterious World of Jenna Nickleson… which doesn’t fit the mood of the book), we’ve already got The Multiverse Chronicles(Which, I might add, is tied into the Distant Horizon series.)

Other options I had considered were relating the series name to themes or symbolism from the book.

Based on that, I brainstormed:

The Distant Horizon Series

Seeds of Memory

Seeds of Time

The Lady of the Vine

The Travelers

Child of the Future/Child of the Past

A Lady of the Cog Novel

The Rising Sun Cog/Rising Cog

A Novel of the Rising Cog

Cycle of Memory/Cycle of Memories

The Telepath Chronicles

The Jenna Nickleson Series

Roots of Time/Leaves of Time

Stone Cycle/Circle of Stone series

Coalition Sign (as a series name, instead of a single book title)

Several of these I threw out immediately, for various reasons. Some were focused specifically on Jenna (anything plant related), and some didn’t work for all the books (Coalition Sign wouldn’t work for Glitch, which is focused more heavily on the Camaraderie– the opposing faction).

Others simply don’t have the feel that Isaac and I are going for with this series (Lady of the Cog would be better suited for focusing on a certain character from the Camaraderie, and doesn’t have the dystopian/science fiction feel that might be better suited for the series, and The Travelers really should reference a specific group we don’t see until later, not the main characters).

The Lady of the Vine does fit for parts of the series, but it might lean too much into possible spoiler territory, or not make sense until later in the series. Better to have something that ties in from the get-go.

Child of the Future/Child of the Past… I keep thinking of Little One’s character here, even though Jenna could also fit that category.

Something referencing the rising sun half-cog (one of the Camaraderie’s symbols) might work, as that symbolism is present in all of the books mentioned. However, it would need a bit more tweaking, since this series is not specifically about the Camaraderie. Not sure if further tweaks might be a bit wordy, too. The Fall of the Rising Sun Half-Cog. *Ahem.* See what I mean?

The Telepath Chronicles… this actually sounds cool to me, and telepathy does play a large part in all the books (mostly in that they tend to play the part of the antagonists), but I’m not sure it quite fits what we’re going for. Might keep the title in mind though for other book ideas…

Roots of Time/Leaves of Time… Maybe the first one, though I want to say that feels more historical, and the second one just doesn’t sound catchy to me.

Seeds of Memory… Oh, the references it would make for Jenna’s storyline, and it’s kind of referenced in Little One’s storyline, and… hmm. It does play a role in Glitch

Let’s see:

Distant Horizon, Seeds of Memory Book 1

Glitch, A Seeds of Memory Novel (I don’t know, Glitch, A Companion to the Distant Horizon series might have a better ring)…

But is this series title memorable?

Might not be quite as obvious in the first book as in the second, but it does play with the idea of Jenna’s plant powers, and references a particular telepathic ability that causes all sorts of problems for the main characters across all the books.

Essentially, there’s a lot of ways Isaac and I could go with naming the series, and I need to talk to Isaac and see what his thoughts are… you know… seeing as how he created the world and the majority of the characters in this world.

The point is, brainstorming a lot of options, then narrowing down the best ones can help you decide what might work best. Or maybe help you think of an idea you hadn’t thought of before. Granted, it’s a good idea to Google-search your ideas to see if any already have a popular book series to their name that you don’t know about or haven’t considered.

(This method is how we came up with The Multiverse Chronicles: Trials of Blood and Steel title).

Whatever the series title,  it should be catchy, memorable, and somehow relate to the books. I’ve noticed that I tend to jump back and forth about what I call The Wishing Blade series, even though that’s it’s official title. So you might also consider, what comes naturally when talking about the books?

I hope you’ve found this post helpful for your own writing. 🙂

Thoughts? Have you had any experience trying to figuring out a good series title? Noticed something that didn’work?

Are there any of the titles I brainstormed up there that you really like or don’t like? How come?



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