Book Cover Design

Basic Ebook Cover ($100.00 plus cost of stock images)

This is for a simple, front cover for your book. This package includes an ebook cover (will be formatted based on the services you plan to use it for). The basic cover will use anywhere from 1 -3 stock images.


 SBibb - Penny Pony Cover SBibb - Nickel-Bred Cover SBibb - Turn on a Dime - Book Cover SBibb - Horse Rescuer's Anthology - Book Cover SBibb - The Last Conception - Book Cover SBibb - Catrinas Cowboy Cover SBibb - The Feast of Yule Book Cover SBibb - Man In the Forest - Book Cover SBibb - A Thousand Sunsets - Book Cover SBibb - The Magician

Advanced Ebook Cover ($150.00 plus cost of stock images)

Same as basic ebook cover, except the design may be more complex. The advanced ebook cover may use anywhere from 4-9 stock images.


SBibb - Swann Saga Cover SBibb - Swann Saga Cover SBibb - Swann Saga Cover SBibb - Fateful Encounters - Book Cover SBibb - War-Crossed Eyes Cover SBibb - Kindle Cover - 30 Days SBibb - The Art of Madame Whitsome - Book Cover SBibb - Aenima Book Cover SBibb - Project Northwest SBibb - A Burning Hope - Book Cover  SBibb - Second Best - Book Cover  SBibb - Lightpoints Cover 

Ultimate Ebook Cover  (Cost Varies)

This cover design involves heavy editing, scene and character creation, and often involves more than 10 stock images. It may require a specialized photoshoot. The cost of this design package varies entirely based on your needs. Contact me for more information regarding this package.


SBibb - Beyond the Eyes Book Cover SBibb - Dark Spirits  SBibb - The Devil's Third - Book Cover SBibb - Wolfman Owner's Manual Book Cover SBibb - "The Hunt" Book Cover SBibb - Spirits of the Pirate House SBibb - The Dreamkeeper Cover

Print Cover Service (add $50.00 to package)

I will create a back cover (including text and placing logos/ISBNs if desired) and spine. This can either be based on the front cover, have a simple texture or plain background, or can use additional stock images (plus cost of images). If you want a wrap around cover, it is advisable to plan this option when first choosing a package.


SBibb - Dark Spirits  SBibb -The Devil's Blues Cover SBibb - BABM Cover SBibb - Eine Kleine Murder Cover SBibb - 30 Days Postcard SBibb - The China Cabinet Cover Centralia Cover

Promo Materials ($20.00 per piece)

These are based on the image for your front cover. They could be business cards (two sides), bookmarks (two sides), Facebook ads, posters… just let me know what you need. If you want ones with different images, the price will vary depending on complexity and cost of stock images. Note: Promo materials cannot be resold due to stock image licencing policies.


SBibb - Promo SBibb's Photographic Illustration - 1000 Words Flier  SBibb - 30 Days Business Card SBibb - Promo  facebook - DT version

To see more sample work, visit my DeviantArt page:

Book Cover Portfolio

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