Behind the Scenes – Mira’s Hope

This is the cover for the sequel to Mira’s View, from Melange Books.

For this cover, I wanted to keep the same style as the first, with the prominent characters and soft background, as well as the text placement. I added in the snow (see the link at the bottom of this post for the tutorial I referenced) to bring everything together and add extra “oomph.” We experimented with a couple different backgrounds before choosing this one. I also included a second character who plays a large role in the story, and considered bringing in a third character, except that I worried the cover would look busy. I was able to use the same models (Yes, plural. Body and head were different, so as to fit the character description) for the female character, though I did use different stock images of them to help keep the covers varied. It’s the benefit to using Dreamtime’s “Other Stock Images With This Model” link when searching for suitable images. We also included a logline, provided by the author, to help create interest in the story. This is the result:

SBibb - MHcoverBlog

SBibb Mira's Hope - Book Cover
Stock images from Dreamstime:


Useful snow tutorial:

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Behind the Scenes – Murder In the Cards

A cover for Melange Books, the sequel to Murder in her Dreams.

For this cover I kept to the same, dreamlike colors and textures as the previous book, only this time with symbolism from the second. I kept the same text placement and fonts (and border style), so series/brand recognition can be easily recognized. I also worked to have a central focus on the cover, while blending the various images so they would seamlessly morph from one image to the next.

This is the end result:

SBibb - Murder in the Cards - Book Cover

Stock images from Dreamstime:

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Cover Reveal – Gears of Brass

Today I’m participating in another cover reveal for Jordan Elizabeth. It’s not my cover, but it sure is shiny!

Cover by Andy Garcia at


Gear up for GEARS OF BRASS!

Cover Reveal - Gears of Brass


A world like ours, but filled with gears of brass, where the beating heart is fueled by steam and the simplest creation is a complex clockwork device.  


Within this tome, you’ll find steampunk fairy tale re-tellings, as well as original stories that will send your gears turning.  


Welcome to the steampunk realm, with eleven authors guiding your path. 


GEARS OF BRASS is a steampunk anthology published through Curiosity Quills.  It will be available for purchase on November 10, 2014.  Within the pages, you’ll come across clockwork inventions and steampunk-ified fairy tale retellings.  Eleven authors will guide you through worlds filled with airships, top hats, and corsets.


Meet the authors:

Jordan Elizabeth writes young adult fantasy for Curiosity Quills, including ESCAPE FROM WITCHWOOD HOLLOW which was published in October and the upcoming TREASURE DARKLY; she’s represented by the Belcastro Agency.

  1. Million is the author of Last of the Giants and can always be found reading or writing.

Lorna MacDonald Czarnota is a professional storyteller and author of several books including, Medieval Tales That Kids Can Read and Tell, Breadline Blue, Legends Lore and Secrets of Western New York, Wicked Niagara, Native American and Pioneer Sites of Upstate New York, and Dancing at the Crossroads: Stories and Activities for At-Risk Youth Programming.

SA Larsen is represented by Paula Munier of Talcott Notch Literary and is the author of published short stories, community-interest stories, and magazine articles focused on children.

Grant Eagar is an Engineer who would take the tales he told his children at bed time, and transform them into fantasy stories.

Clare Weze is the author of The House of Ash (forthcoming) and the co-author and editor of Cloudscapes over the Lune.

Eliza Tilton: gamer, writer and lover of dark chocolate; author of the YA Fantasy, BROKEN FOREST, published by Curiosity Quills Press.

Heather Talty’s stories have been featured in Enchanted Conversation, as well as her own fractured fairy tale site, Mythopoetical (

W.K. Pomeroy is a third generation writer who has published more than 70 short stories/articles/poems across many genres and styles, which now includes Steampunk.

Christine Baker is the author of Lana’s End, The Guild of Dagda, and many more.

Natalia Darcy: a bookilicious reader, tea drinker and Zumba aficionado who enjoys playing cards against humanity and washing her hair with ice cold water.


Cover Reveal - Gears of Brass Banner


You can get your steampunk fix before GEARS OF BRASS is released in November.  To enter for your chance to win a copy of GEARS OF BRASS, you will need to share the cover.  This can be on your blog, Facebook, Twitter… Each time you share the cover image, log it into Rafflecoper (#insert link) to record it.  It will give you more chances to win.  The drawing for the winner will be held on October 27th.



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Escape From Witchwood Hollow – Cover Reveal

Hello there. Today I’m deviating from my usual schedule to do a cover reveal. Now, I normally post covers I’ve made, but today I’m going to post the reveal of someone else’s cover: Escape From Witchwood Hollow. It’s written by an author whom I’ve beta-read for.

Without further ado… the reveal!


How far into the hollow would you go?

Escape from Witchwood Hollow - Book Cover Reveal

After losing her parents in a terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, fifteen-year-old Honoria escapes New York City to Arnn—a farming town with more legends than residents, and a history of witchcraft and secrets best left buried.

Everyone in Arnn knows the story of Witchwood Hollow: if you venture into the whispering forest, the witch will trap your soul among the shadowed trees. In the lure of that perpetual darkness, Honoria finds hope when she should be afraid, and a past of missing children and broken promises.  To save the citizens of Arnn from becoming the witch’s next victims, she must find the truth behind the woman’s madness. How deep into Witchwood Hollow does Honoria dare venture?

ESCAPE FROM WITCHWOOD HOLLOW is Jordan Elizabeth’s first novel. This young adult fantasy will be published through Curiosity Quills Press on October 29, 2014.

Jordan Elizabeth, formally Jordan Elizabeth Mierek, can’t get enough of the woods, be it splashing through a stream, sitting beneath an ancient oak, or following a path up a hill. Some of those adventures have led to abandoned foundations. Exploring the rocks and crumbling bricks sparked Jordan to imagine who might have lived there before, and that train of thought carried her to a wicked legend and an enchanted hollow. You can contact Jordan via her website,

Jordan Elizabeth Mierek - Author Photo

You don’t have to wait for October 29th to explore Witchwood Hollow. Jordan Elizabeth is offering up a free eArc. To enter for your chance to win a copy of ESCAPE FROM WITCHWOOD HOLLOW, you will need to share the cover. This can be on your blog, Facebook, Twitter… Each time you share the cover image, log it into Rafflecoper to record it. It will give you more chances to win. The drawing for the winner will be held on October 20th.

Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win a copy of ESCAPE FROM WITCHWOOD HOLLOW


That’s all for now! :-)

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Behind the Scenes – Bluffing Is Murder

This is a cover for Barking Rain Press.

For this one, the publisher wanted to keep the style used on the previous cover in this series. So we stuck to the same cover model, though we did use different pictures of the same model to create this image, since she looked a bit too happy for this cover in most of her summery images. Though I didn’t use the same font, I tried to keep it close. Other than that, I worked to blend the various elements of the cover to create the scene for this mystery novel.

SBibb - Bluffing Is Murder - Book Cover

Stock images from Shutterstock:

All other images (textures) are my own.

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Blog Hop Tour

I was recently invited to participate in a blog hop, and though I usually tend to write about book cover related topics, I thought it’d be fun to join in and talk a bit about the writing side of things. I was invited to participate in the blog hop by R.T. Driver on Absolute Write, an author who has recently published a young adult, science fiction novel: Isaac Comett: My Life as a Shard Knight.  You can find his blog here: and his book here: Amazon

As part of the blog-hop, each person is asked a series of questions. These are the questions, and these are my answers. :-)

Q: What am I working on?

A: I’m currently working on the Distant Horizon series and The Messenger of Gaia. Distant Horizon is in the process of being beta read before I start querying agents again, while I’m just now starting the first edit of Messenger. Distant Horizon (which includes several stories, some just plotted, some written and in need of editing) is set in a world where super heroes have been wiped out and super villains rule half the world. The main character, Jenna, learns that she has super powers and sets out to put an end to a government conspiracy that turns those with powers into sub-human monsters for a secret army.

Messenger of Gaia is about a space colonist who wakes up on the wrong moon and finds she’s being worshiped as a goddess. She convinces them she’s not the goddess, and ends up playing the part of their messenger. The story follows her charade while she searches for what happened to the colony ship she was on.


Q: How does my work differ from others in its genre?

A: There’s a lot of genre-bending going on. Distant Horizon takes place in the future, but it’s in a world where super heroes used to exist, super villains fly around on airships (which are decorated to look Victorian/steampunk, though more advanced), people with powers are turned into sub-human monsters, and powers range from your typical telepathy/telekinesis, to ones like fourthwalling (later in the series) and the ability to manipulate plant growth.

As for Messenger, the twist revolves around her trying to charade as someone more powerful than she thinks she is.


Q:Why do I write what I do?

A: Because I enjoy it. :-) Really, I enjoy exploring the worlds and all the nooks and crannies, and seeing how everything ties together. I write what I want to read, and I hope that someday, other readers can join in on the fun and enjoy those worlds the way I do.


Q:How does my writing process work?

A: Lately, my stories have been collaborations with my husband, Isaac. We create the story with table-top role-play games. He creates the world and a majority of the characters, as well as the basic plot. I then create my character, and we see what happens. Once the campaign is over, I write what happened– or a variation of it.

It started with Distant Horizon, which, about half-way through the campaign, I decided to write down so I wouldn’t forget the main character’s feelings. It evolved into a series of novels; the first one is in the process of being beta-read. The second one has been through a few rounds of edits, and the third one is a rough draft. I try to write all the books (or have a good chunk written/outlined) before publishing, that way I can iron out any plot holes and add stronger foreshadowing.

The DH series has evolved quite a bit since the original campaign– and spans outwards into what I hope to be a series of short stories/novellas.

For Messenger, we also did a role-play to get the basic story down. Once we had the plot, I started writing the story. (And taking notes, since it may be a while before I write part two). Afterwards I’ll edit and revise as needed, and then it’ll go to beta readers. And then it’ll go back to edits. Right now it’s a bit of a long, winding process.


Next week there are two more blogs up for questioning, and I look forward to reading what they have to say. :-)

Carissa Taylor –  who writes YA science fiction [ ]

 Jordan Elizabeth Mierek – who writes YA/MG fantasy [ ]


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Behind the Scenes – Seven Days to Goodbye

A cover for Barking Rain Press.

For this one, the main character is training an Australian Shepherd, and since the main stock image we wanted to use had a different breed of dog, I ended up swapping out dogs. We tried a couple different versions, but this is the one we finally settled on. We also changed the girl’s hairstyle. In order to get everything to look natural, I used Photoshop CS6’s overlay blend mode in layers and used the black and white paint brushes to change the lighting of her hair so that it would match the lay of the hoodie underneath. I also applied lighting techniques to the dog, and covered part of the dog’s paws to look more natural.

This is the result:

SBibb - Seven Days to Goodbye - Book Cover

Stock images from Shutterstock:

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